Hot on the heels of Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival and Lecture Series’ exciting announcement of TV network CENTRIC as their new key sponsor comes this key news in this year’s lineup. 

Angel Brown, the creator and Editor-In-Chief of noted film print and digital publication CINEMATIQ Magazine, is curating a special section of this year’s Reel Sisters Film Festival entitled inSHORT: Web Series  – The Dating Game, which serves as the premiere of the inSHORT multiplatform initiative.  It takes place October 25 at the Long Island University – Brooklyn Campus (1:00 PM – 2:10 PM, RM 116). Fan favorite webseries An African City is among their screening selections. 

Tickets are available on the Reel Sisters Eventbrite page.

Here is all the key information from Brown and CINEMATIQ below

inSHORT is a multiplatform initiative aim to discover and support Black voices in the United States, and globally, by highlighting their short form content: web series, cinema and specials directly to their peers and target audience for feedback. The mission is to:

1. Foster new talent with on and offline screenings and discussions while simultaneously using emerging and traditional media tools to communicate and interact

2. Strengthen the writing and overall production execution process

3. Create a stable base for community building and visibility for content discovery, rediscovery and archives.

The inSHORT screening initiative will premiere at the 17th Annual Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival Oct 25 (1 PM) and the community platform will launch October 26 and will be profiled in the print and digital Winter Issue of CINEMATIQ magazine December 1, 2014.


“An African City”

Nicole  Amarteifio, creator

A new original series, An African City tells the story of five beautiful and successful women who confide in one another about their love-lives (or lack thereof) and find new ways to deal with being a 21st century woman in Africa. This is the African version of Sex in the City with no holds barred! Although it takes place in Africa, at one point or another, every woman can relate to stories seeking love.

“Dear Jesus”

Danielle A Scott-Haughton, creator

Wonderland Films new original, "Dear Jesus" is the Screen Nation Digital Award nominated web series.  The series revolves around a young fashion journalist, Mercedes, whose life falls apart and writes prayers to Jesus on her laptop to make sense of it all. Don’t let Mercedes relationship with Jesus fool you into believing this series is not speaking to you! If you are dating, single or in a complicated relationship, then you know, we all had our Dear Jesus moments. See how Mercedes story play out.

"Good Girls"

Rhavynn Drummer, creator

Four young women of faith try to navigate their morality and individuality through the adventures of living and dating in Atlanta. Raise your hand if you struggled with the good and no so good side of you to "wait" before moving to the next level of intimacy in your relationship for whatever reason? Did I give it up too fast, will he leave if I don’t at all? What about the sayings, "God help those who help themselves" or "What would Jesus do?" Okay, maybe you did not have those moments but I’m sure your friend did secretly! See how these ladies deal with dating.

Special invited guests from “An African City” and  "Good Girls" will be present for a brief discussion/Q&A.


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