We're not at Comic-Con this year (next year maybe), but we've got eyes and ears on alert for any news that comes out of this year's event… like this one.

Deadline is reporting that Reginald Hudlin and RZA have reached an agreement that will see them working together on a series of projects, still to be named.

Although the reported plan is for the pair to potentially create a production company that will produce a series of comic-related projects, some likely directed by RZA himself, who's making his directorial debut this year with The Man With The Iron Fists. And maybe Hudlin as well, who, we might forget, is a director in his own right.

Deadline says that one of those projects could potentially be superhero movie; hmmm… what could it be? What superhero character do we know of that Reginald Hudlin has been involved with in the recent past, and that Marvel has reportedly been developing into a feature? Hmmm… let the rumors and speculation begin 🙂