The world both was shocked and in disbelief this morning when TMZ broke the news that our beloved Prince passed away. While we mourn the loss of this legendary artist, let’s celebrate his contributions to the world of music and remember how he always slayed.

remembering prince
Photo: Giphy

Here are some of Prince’s most memorable performances:

When the rain anointed him during his NFL halftime performance of “Purple Rain.” He didn’t let the downpour stop him from bringing the heat (in a head scarf).

But we can’t forget one of his most memorable performances of that very song.

Or when he slayed alongside Queen Bey at the 2004 Grammy’s!

Only Prince was worthy enough to perform alongside both The King of Pop and James Brown at the same damn time.

As well as Stevie Wonder (whose song Prince took to new heights).

Flash forward to his recent Welcome 2 America tour.

A moment of silence for that time he shared the stage with Lenny Kravitz.

Also, when his guitar solo showed us that his Hall of Fame induction was well-deserved (not that we ever doubted him).

Enjoy this throwback to when he was on The Arsenio Hall Show!

Then, when he reminded the world that his powers had the ability to also bring beauty to the work of other artists

He didn’t even need to be on stage to electrify our hearts.

All of his performances were simply amazing.

This one will probably live with us forever; Prince’s last performance of “Purple Rain.”

The world will never be the same without Prince. How are you remembering the legend?

remembering prince
Photo: Giphy

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