Police in New York have arrested and charged Remy Ma’s 23-year-old son. Jayson “Jace” Scott, is charged with murder. According to the New York Post, on Tuesday night, Scott and Richard Swygert, 22, were arrested on first-degree murder charges. The charges follow a 2021 shooting in which 43-year-old Darius Guillebeaux was fatally shot in broad daylight. 

Authorities say that Scott and Swygert were taken into custody on June 18. Various charges have been filed against Scott, including murder in the first and second degree. Additionally, he’s charged with reckless endangerment and criminal possession of weapons. Swygert was charged with first-degree murder, reckless endangerment, and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon.

As reported by People, the shooting in 2021 took place in Queens. Police responded on June 7, 2021, to a 911 call reporting a male shot at 148 Street and Rockaway Boulevard.

Remy’s representative provided People with the following statement on Wednesday afternoon.

“As many have heard, Remy Ma’s son, Jayson Scott was recently arrested and very serious unfounded allegations have been made,” the statement read. “Remy Ma wished to address this situation personally, but has been strongly advised by our office not to say anything publicly — as most people in this situation are, as the case is still active. To be clear, Jayson Scott is innocent and Remy Ma is committed to proving his innocence and fully supporting her child during this time.”

An arraignment took place on June 19 inside a Queens County courthouse per Fox 5 New York.

“We stand by Jayson’s innocence and hope the NYPD will conduct a complete and thorough investigation to reveal the truth,” Remy’s statement continued. “This has undoubtedly been a trying time for Remy Ma and her family. While she sincerely appreciates the love and support she has received, we kindly ask that her privacy be respected as their legal team works to prove Jayson’s innocence.”