While looting and rioting continue to escalate following the killing of George Floyd, people are now learning about a Black business owner who was devastated by a similar incident in 1992.

According to Daily Mail, the man's story came into the spotlight when a video from the 1992 Los Angeles riots recently surfaced online. The clip shows the heartbroken man pleading with rioters as they unleashed chaos in the streets after the police officers who severely beat Rodney King were acquitted.

"Don't burn down my store. I worked too hard for this," the unidentified man yelled while standing in the street. "It's not right. It's not right. It's not right what y'all doing. I came from the ghetto too. Same as all of you did." 

As a few people around the man tried to calm him down, he continued to express his sorrow. 

"You call this Black power," he said. "Why destroy my truck? Why steal my computer? I tried to make it. Don't you understand that? Did y'all see it? I tried to make it." 

According to Daily Mail, a TikTok user posted the video and compared it to the current uprisings, saying "open y'all's eyes. It's not a protest no more."