Nene Leakes and Kandi Burruss didn’t get off to the best start when Burruss joined the cast in Season 2 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

The Kandi & the Gang star’s show debuted to ratings under 1 million but has grown tremendously and remains a hot topic on social media. But Leakes wasn’t impressed. In a recent interview, Burruss responded to Leakes’ retweets about her show’s ratings.

Nene Leakes retweets about Kandi Burruss spinoff ratings

In the beginning, Kandi & the Gang’s ratings were lower than some expected. Per one social media user, the show came in 69th place in its time period for its debut episode. The show reportedly had just 0.12 viewers within the demographic of viewers ages 18-49. 


On Tuesday, Mar. 8, fans noticed Leakes responded to a shady tweet about the show.

The post spoke to the series premiere’s low ratings, accompanied by Leakes’ iconic quote, “You can never win when you play DIRTY. Stay woke!” Leakes told former co-star Phaedra Parks such during the Season 6 reunion special after she alleged that Parks’ tried to bring her family on the show in order to expose Leakes’ failed relationship with her sisters. 

Some of Leakes’ fans are boycotting Burruss’ spinoff altogether with one fan tweeting: “I refuse to watch, for so many reasons. And I’ve always believed Nene, she is missed.” Leakes rescinded, “Thank you.”

Leakes has accused Burruss of blocking spinoff opportunities for her. Burruss denies such. Now, Leakes alleges she’s been blackballed. The former New Normal star has also claimed she was phased out of the show over two seasons and punished by network executives for speaking out about alleged racism and discrimination.

Kandi Burruss responds to Nene Leakes

Buruss is tired of Leakes’ tirade against her. In a recent interview with Pop Culture, Burruss shot back at Leakes about speaking about her show.

“What are the ratings on her show? I don’t want this to be a big shade-throwing contest between her and I because just like she can throw shade at me I can throw shade at her,” she said. “But my whole thing is I do not understand why she does that. Back when she did have a show…me and her wouldn’t be on the same page and I still would be posting, telling people to watch her show. Just because that’s just how I am.”

She questioned why Leakes’ fans are constantly gunning for her.

Moreso, she makes it clear that she’s responsible for having her shows and not Bravo as she pitches them to the network. Prior to Kandi & the Gang, Burruss had four spinoff specials on the network. She also notes other cast members on the show such as Kim Zolciak and Porsha Williams have also had spinoff specials.

“We pitch our shows. A lot of them don’t pitch shows. A lot of them think, ‘I’m so great that Bravo should just throw a show in my lap.’ That is not what I do,” she continued. “Me and my husband, we come up with these ideas, and we pitch them. Sometimes, the network is for it; sometimes they aren’t. Everything we do does not get picked up. People love to talk about how our first-week ratings weren’t as big as they needed to be. But the one thing that y’all also didn’t notice is our other show, ‘Kandi’s Wedding,’ was over 2.4 million viewers.”

Check out the full interview below: