The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore’s comments are making headlines again, this time she is coming for Ralph Pittman and his “disrespectful” behavior towards his wife and her co-star, Drew Sidora.

Moore is not shy about saying what’s on her mind and this time is no exception. In the latest episode, Moore breaks it down regarding why she feels bad for her one-time rival, Sidora.

The drama between Pittman and Sidora began last season

Pittman and Drew Sidora have welcomed fans into their rocky marriage since the beginning of season 13 and continue to show us a glimpse of their relationship journey in the current season. Last season, Pittman and Sidora’s first major argument started over an unannounced, very last-minute solo trip to Tampa, Florida. Pittman was gone for three days and had no communication with his wife during the trip. This trip caused many problems for the couple and Pittman’s unwillingness to discuss the trip angered Sidora. It also caused much speculation and gossip amongst the other housewives.

Pittman eventually admitted to just needing some alone time and assured Sidora that he wasn’t with another woman and was by himself the whole.

He had a hard time understanding why his wife was so upset and on this Sunday’s episode, he is not doing better as far as listening to his wife’s feelings. Let’s just say he didn’t understand the assignment.


This time around, Sidora is mad about an inappropriate text message between her husband and his female assistant with her offering him a massage

Pittman admitted to getting too close to the woman in question but brushed off Sidora’s feelings. To make up for it, Pittman planned a romantic dinner for his wife, but the night ended abruptly after Sidora bought up the assistant.

The couple went to their therapist to discuss the issues and Pittman told the therapist that everything is a problem with Sidora. Things grew tense when he said during the session that he tried to give Sidora “steak and lobster” during their romantic dinner and she deserved a “lunchable.”

Sidora admitted to having unresolved issues and called her marriage a "vicious cycles of highs and lows"

As part of their therapy homework, the couple managed to call a truce and stop bashing each other to help their marriage. But the other housewives don’t feel they are capable of following through. They may have proved them right while at a cast dinner and their bickering continued.

The couple argue in front of the gang

Sidora told the other castmates about the assistant and they all agreed that the situation was disrespectful. During a cast trip to New York City, the couple continued to bicker at dinner while discussing their issues. Sidora informed her fellow housewives that she was hurt about the incident, saying, “Emotionally I’m still dealing with the fact that we were even dealing with another woman.” She also confessed it’s why she no longer wears her wedding ring.

Pittman admitted to the group that he had to fire the assistant but posed the question, “How do you finally get over it and say, ‘This is something that happened in the past and now we can move beyond it?'” All of the Housewives had Sidora’s back and did not let Pittman off the hook that easy.

Kandi Burrus told Pittman, “That’s even worse for you to have a woman working that close with you,” adding, “I don’t understand how you don’t see how she could feel a way…Come on you know it looked real crazy.”

But it was Moore who really ripped into Pittman. She even compared Pittman to her ex-husband, Marc Daly.

Moore defends Sidora

Moore usually has a lot of negative things to say about Sidora, but this time was different, as Moore didn’t like the way Pittman was treating Sidora and she could not sit by and watch.

“See, let me say this to you right now. If my husband said that to me, I would flip this table over because that is so disrespectful,” Moore told Pittman. “You’re basically saying that she’s lying how it happened was not how it happened.”

Moore accused Pittman of Sidora down and referred to him as a donkey in her confessional. Moore felt that Pittman was like her estranged husband and said that Pittman’s “gaslighting” and behavior was reminiscent of the things Daily did.

Sidora was very happy that Moore stood up for her and felt like understood what she was going through. Only time will tell if this couple can heal.