Garcelle Beauvais and one of her sons, Jax, have spoken out after The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have been bullying him online with racist messages.

Beauvais made history as the first Black full-time housewife on the franchise. She seamlessly balances her career and motherhood, showing that women can do and have it all. As a fiery protector of her children, and her recent social media posts prove she’s go through the fire for her kids.

Garcelle Beauvais says she’s sick of fans slamming her son

The Jamie Foxx Show alum’s children have made headlines before. She’s been open about the addiction struggles her older son Oliver has experienced in his life. Her teenage sons have also been at the forefront of this season particularly. Fans praised her son Jax for the way he handled being verbally attacked by her co-star Erika Jayne. Beauvais also praised him. 

Now she’s speaking out about viewers of the show speaking negatively about her children. It appears comments on Jax’s Instagram account sparked the response.

In a tweet, Beauvais wrote:

“I’m usually a very strong woman. I’ve been raised to be strong my life has taught me to be strong, but when it comes to my kids! It hurts. It’s not OK,” she added. “I’ve been in tears all night. It’s just a TV show, people. Scream at your TV, throw something at your TV, but leave our kids alone.”

Lisa Rinna shows support

Rinna took to her Instagram Stories to echo Beauvais’ sentiments. “We are doing a TV show, we try to entertain you – why can’t you treat it like wrestling for God’s sake – love us – love us to hate us – But leave the kids alone…all of our kids should be off limits…so stop it now. Enough is enough.”

Garcelle’s son speaks out

The actress shared a lengthy message from her son on Twitter, pleading for viewers to recognize that he’s still a child. “I am still a kid and wish to not be viewed as a fully matured adult, because I am not one,” he wrote in part.

He continued later: “Middle-aged women spamming me with racist and crude comments about my family is not what I expected my first week of high school.”

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