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Black Twitter Creates Film Featuring Rihanna and Lupita Nyong'o And It's Already Epic

Never underestimate the power of Black Twitter.

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If you haven't learned anything from us over the years, the main lesson you should take away by now is to never underestimate the power of Black Twitter. It's an undeniable force that is single-handedly transforming the entertainment culture as we live and breathe. It's time for the industry to stop stealing ideas and cut our brothers and sisters the check they deserve!

Last week, @blaquepink tweeted a photo of Rihanna and Lupita Nyong'o sitting front row at the 2014 Miu Miu fashion show during Paris Fashion Week. If you remember when the photo first dropped, it was a bad deal to see these two superstars sitting next to each other. The baddest girl in the game next to biggest breakout actress of the year? Um, yes please!

People saw the photo and were fantasizing about movie plots that could shake the world up from these two. It was until one mastermind behind the account @1800SADGAL tweeted and original plot that could easily be the next best movie we never knew we needed.

Then Lupita weighed in.

After days of stalking out Rihanna twitter account waiting for a response, we finally got one Sunday evening giving us all hope.

Is this really going to be a thing?? Obviously, if we need a movie, we need a screenwriter. Who better than our girl Issa Rae?

But would she even have time? She's busy with Insecure season two and a handful of other projects. But when Rih and Pitz call, you answer..

Rihanna's reaction was the entire universe at that very moment.

Who better to direct this already Oscar worthy film than our favorite queen behind the lens??

Lupita shared this fan art on her Instagram, which could easily be a scene from the storyboard of this untitled work of art.

Please hold while we catch our breath.

Photo: Gaia Online

And if this wasn't already too much to handle, black girl magic princess Yara Shahidi wants parts?!?

I'm done. Give them all my coins. I'm there, front row, opening night. Pre-ordering the digital and Blu-Ray right now.

Photo: Giphy

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