Here are our #BlavityHotTakes, discussing memorable moments from this film:

1. I believe this is what we called “foreshadowing” in English Lit in high school.


2. It’s about to go down.

3. How will this woman fit in this suitcase?

Vevo animated GIF

4. #NeverForget Bey told us, “Of course sometimes s*** goes down when it’s a billion dollars on the elevator…

5. How many more times must I be forced to admire her tattoo?

6. Who else do you know that can light a blunt so gracefully?

7. “Your wife in the back seat of my brand new foreign car…

Welp. That’s a nice spin on that lyric. Because of course she wouldn’t be happily cruising along…

8. “I thought you said the deposit would hit yesterday. Hold on there’s a woman swinging from the ceiling in my face. Let me call you back…”

9. “…The approximate wait is 73 minutes to speak to the next representative. Please hold.

10. That time the new girl in your crew swore she could hold her liquor…


11. Rihanna just gave us the new definition of yacht party. Also, shoes!!

music video animated GIF

11a. Like whet? I want to join this pirate crew. What I gotta do?

12. When AT&T tells you you’ve crossed your data limit for the second time this month.

13. When your Tinder match is less than 2 miles away and you swiped right on accident…

14. #SquadGoals. The real definition of ride-or-die homies.

15. This kidnapping turned slumber party ‘bout to be LIT.

music video animated GIF


16. Oh, hello Mr. Officer…  Nothing to see here =)

Note to self: When kidnapping someone, make sure you do some squats first.


17. #PlotTwist. The whole time you thought it was the Barbie doll girl gettin’ sliced.

bbhmm animated GIF

18. Naw, it’s her husband, the accountant.

19. Only Riri could take down a cannibal.


20. Deciding on her weapon of choice…

21. Is there a weapon for Sallie Mae? Financial Aid office? My landlord?

22. It’s a wrap.


23. Guess she got her money back.

Should the trunk be cleaned out though?


24. Halloween 2015 ideas?

25. Hi-key ready to see another film like this. Rihanna needs to be casted ASAP.

26. BBHMM Part Two Coming To a Theater Near You October 2016.

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