On the Rise, Season One,  features creators, hustlers and influencers in LA and the Bay Area dealing with the pressures of new independence, being away from family and pursuing their passions.  In each episode we talk life in their new city, being on the struggle bus, and learn about what they’re building and growing.  Our first episode features LA’s Benoni Tagoe, hear about Benoni’s start in LA with the Jonas brothers and The Awkward Black Girl Webseries.



Vegas to LA

Benoni Tagoe currently does business development and digital content development with Issa Rae Productions.

He got his start working in the music industry working with artists like Jordin Sparks and Mindless Behavior, but those plans changed once he met Issa Rae. They met through mutual friends, and she told him about her series, “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl.” He immediately wanted to work on the project. Together they produced other web series for her production company, and everything took off from there.


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