If you’re looking for a place to thrive as a millennial entrepreneur, downtown Milwaukee may be the place for you. According to milwaukeedowntown.com, the area is the economical, cultural and social hub of Southeastern Wisconsin.

Currently, $3.4 billion is slated to be invested in downtown Milwaukee, which could influence the city to become one of the leading centers of commerce in the Midwest.

Although moving to Milwaukee may not be one of the first locations to cross your mind, below are three great reasons of why you should start or do business there as an entrepreneur.

1. Quality Office Space and Infrastructure

According to the Milwaukee downtown website, the city offers 12 million square feet of office inventory. From boutique lofts to coworking spaces to modern high-rise office towers, there are many office options to choose from with beautiful views of Lake Michigan and Milwaukee rivers. Downtown also has many up-to-date features such as affordable utilities, fiber optic networks and telecommunication services.

2. Human and Social Capital

Isn’t it great to know that downtown Milwaukee has the largest percentage of women and minority owned businesses? There are currently 26,000 residents living downtown and the numbers are continuously growing. Fifty percent of those residents are between the ages of 20-34. Also, more than 71 percent of residents, 25 years and older, hold higher education degrees. The location is perfect for young professionals to network, meet and collaborate. There are ample opportunities for young professionals to develop and improve their craft with the proper support and entrepreneurial development, according to the website. Why not take advantage?

3. Location, Location, Location

Location is one important thing to consider when starting a business. Choosing the right location can determine how quickly your company can succeed. It can be based off factors such as accessibility and the population of people. Milwaukee has those qualities plus more.

Services are very convenient and easily accessible for companies and their employees downtown. There are public transportation options such as Bublr Bike Share, the county’s transit service and a Milwaukee streetcar is set to open in 2018, according to the website. There is also access to interstate highways and surrounding major cities such as Chicago. You can get to and from Chicago within 90 minutes with Amtrak. Also, in case you have to travel for business trips, the General Mitchell International Airport is 15 minutes from downtown and offers nonstop flights to big cities such as Portland, Oregon, Miami, Florida and Nashville, Tennessee.

Downtown Milwaukee is continuously growing and becoming a haven for young professionals from all over the country. Investing in the area is becoming very popular idea for many, whether they are entrepreneurial creatives or those who work in the corporate world.

It also doesn’t hurt to know that the city is very serious about making downtown a clean and safe environment with great amenities. The area has daily cleaning of streets and sidewalks and full-time hospitality and safety guides.

Plus, millennials like to have fun — and when work is over, there are many things to do and options to choose in regards to entertainment and fun activities. Some include sports/cultural attractions and signature events like Downtown Dining Week, Jazz in the Park, River Rhythms, and Downton Employee Appreciation Week, to name a few.

For all of you entrepreneurs out there, Milwaukee, Wisconsin seems like a great option to get your business up and running. So take advantage of making the best of not only the early years of your life, but the early years of your business too!

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