Veteran journalist and television personality Robin Roberts recently unveiled a personal revelation concerning her sexuality and religious beliefs.

In a candid discussion with author and entrepreneur Jamie Kern Lima on the podcast The Jamie Kern Lima Show, Roberts shared her inner turmoil about coming out to her audience in late 2013, citing fear stemming from societal perceptions and being a devoted Christian, Variety reported. 

The two-part interview delved into various topics, including Roberts’ personal life, her previous health challenges, her experiences managing a dual identity and her Christian faith.

“It’s not the ‘Robin Roberts Show,’ it’s ‘Good Morning America. And there are so many people whose livelihoods depend on the success of our show. And so, if I do something that hurts the show, that hurts them, Roberts said. “I would walk down the street with Amber, and if somebody saw us, I would introduce her. I wasn’t trying to hide but yet, I wasn’t ready to, to fully…And part of it is, and I’ve never said this before, part of it is because of my Christianity.”

Given ongoing discussions about the intersection of being gay and Christian, the 63-year-old noted that individuals often face altered perceptions of those with strong religious convictions within the LGBTQ+ community.

“I was afraid that people, they think you can’t be gay and a Christian. And I am. I am, and I was so fearful that I would be shunned,” Roberts explained during the podcast. “I received a letter, a beautiful letter from the National Office at the Presbyterian Church after I announced about Amber, fully supportive, fully supportive, and then I think about all those years I wasted, worried, needless worry.”

Reflecting on her journey, Roberts expressed profound gratitude: “You know everything about me. And I have nothing to hide and to still be, still be embraced. I am blessed and highly favored. And I’m so grateful.”