nullIf you still haven't seen Rodney Evans' critically-acclaimed 2004 drama Brother To Brother, which features some early outstanding work by Anthony Mackie, you're in luck, because, as of yesterday, it was 1 of 10 indies that are now available on Hulu, Netflix and SnagFilms via the Sundance Institute's recently-launched Artist Services program (a program we highlighted in a past post), which "provides Institute artists with exclusive opportunities for creative self-distribution, marketing and financing solutions for their work."

I initially saw Brother To Brother about 5 years ago; I reviewed it on my podcast (then called The Obenson Report) some time later, which you can listen to below (you can skip the first 10 or so minutes of news bits to jump right into the review, which is actually quite long. I try to be thorough and thoughtful in most of my reviews).

First the film, and underneath, my podcast review: