This is maybe one of the better Comic-Con 2012 interviews with RZA about The Man With The Iron Fist that I've seen so far. It's a nice 10+ minutes long and he covers a lot of ground. I like that it's jut RZA talking without a single word from whomever was interviewing him. 

He talks about the making of the film, the process, his inspirations for it, working with high-caliber actors like Russell Crowe, working withing Hollywood studio boundaries, the crazy fight scenes that sent several people to the hospital every week, the film's soundtrack, which I thought was one of the more interesting revelations he makes. 

"The same way that this cast is diverse… it's the same thing with the music," he says in the interview.

The soundtrack will include tracks from: The Black Keys, Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa, My Chemical Romance, Chinese Cantopop (Cantonese pop music) singer Sally Yeh, composer Howard Drossin, some Wu-Tang originals, which he said were gutted and re-orchestrated; also he says that Stax Records jumped on-board and handed over several famous songs from their library, by the likes of soul singer/song writer William Bell, Isaac Hayes, blues vocalist Mabel John, and others; and he took all these songs, stripped them down, and re-orchestrated them.

"It's a great ride!" he says. You can feel his excitement for the soundtrack, which he says will be released commercially, but didn't mention a date. I'm looking forward to hearing it.

The Man With The Iron Fist was one of S&A's 2012 upcoming films we're excited about. 

The film will be out in the USA on November 2.

Watch and listen the RZA below (and if you haven't yet seen the trailer and/or poster, both follow the interview):