Tonight’s season finale was a crazy whirlwind. So much happened early that I felt like I should watch with my hands over my face.  I kept looking at the clock wondering what more could happen?

Let’s just start with the big news.

Joe Morton’s character is named Rowan and he’s Olivia Pope’s father! My guess was close, I thought maybe he was Harrison’s father, as you may recall.  So Olivia’s father runs B613. I’m guessing she may have an issue with what her father does for a living. I guess, that’s what she and Fitz have in common; Daddy Issues. 

This father/daughter relationship is already interesting.  He has one of his agents spying on his daughter.  But someone has to explain to me why he sent that woman to his daughter’s apartment.  I mean, Ballard took her out.  At first I thought maybe this was part of the plan.  But poor Jake didn’t get much of a reward for saving Olivia’s life.  Or was he saving her life?  Was Olivia’s father taking his own daughter out?  Or was that agent there for Jake? Whatever the case, Ballard is in that same hole that traumatized Huck.

In the parting moments, Shonda rocked Olivia’s peaceful moment with the news that her affair with the President had been leaked.  But by whom, is the question?  Was it Mellie who welcomed back her husband with a simple hand on the head in the closing moments?  I watched that scene and thought he may be back, but he is certainly broken.  President Fitz displayed a bit of backbone in his short period of time with Olivia.  I thought Fitz and Olivia had pushed Mellie too far with the “race card.”  This – her leaking the affair to the press – may have been the result.  But if we haven’t learned yet, it could be anybody who did this.

David is a major player!  He took full advantage of the offer by Campbell and Charlie, and masterminded his way into the job he wanted.  His patience is admirable, working through all the possible codes, until he found the right one. Talk about a man built for the job.  I was wondering about his moral compass, until I saw the White hat that he sent Olivia.

Cyrus had the heart attack we all knew was coming!  It’s sick to be rooting for this, but I was just waiting for him to pass out.  I think it was brought on by Joe Morton’s character rather than stress though.  Talk about passion for the job – there he is, in an ambulance, trying to make sure things go his way.  As sick as Cyrus can be, I am always rooting for him.  I didn’t think James would give in so quickly, but I guess nearly “losing” someone to a heart attack, will make you change your mind.  The relationship is still so complicated.  How it fares next season will be interesting, especially with James’ new found purpose to keep his new television job. 

Quinn finally crossed over to the dark side – that dark side Olivia said only she and Huck shared.  It is a bit scary to think someone can enjoy such a malicious act.  I think the dynamic has shifted. 

Sally had to eat crow.  David’s plan managed to put her back in her place and possibly splatter enough dirt to keep her out of a run for President.  I think this is what we are gearing up for next season.  Fitz makes a second run for the white house.  But while Sally was Fitz’s biggest problem, he now has Hollis Doyle to contend with.  I think he will be a major player next season.

Was it good for you?  What was your favorite reveal?  Were you surprised by the revelation that Rowan is Olivia’s father? How will you get through the summer, until next season?

Till the fall Gladiators!