This episode didn’t pack as much of a punch along the way as last week’s.  But the last five minutes were jam-packed with information.

Shonda was busy throwing curve balls our way during the entire episode, giving us many different prospects for who the mole might be.  But I kind of suspected early that David just might be the guy, when he said that he was part of the team.  But the dead giveaway came when he decided to stay and watch Cyrus on television while the rest of the team was busy.  However, as we found out, he’s not acting alone. 

The question that dominated social networking feeds at the end of the episode was: Who is Billy Chambers? 

Chambers is Vice President Sally Langston’s former Chief of Staff.  If your memory is long, you may recall that Sally gave him up during a press conference regarding the Fitz-Tanner situation.  So it looks like revenge is the motive here.  Two men wronged by politics, taking revenge on those who wronged them. 

At the end of the episode, Pope & Associates had gotten Billy Chambers’ name as the mole, released Charlie, and David had stolen back the card.  David didn’t seem to be at all on their radar.  

So many questions now surface regarding Charlie.  Charlie knew the name of the Mole, but one has to wonder how he knew the name.  In the first season we were led to believe that Charlie killed Billy Chambers in the elevator?  Is he connected to the Mole?

You may believe he’s connected to the Mole, but then we have to consider the character played by Joe Morton and his role in the story-line.  We still don’t even know his name!  What we do know is that he seems to be the only person who can shut Cyrus down.  Initially, I was not confident in his ability to do the job when he stated, “I’ll handle Cyrus Bean,” after all, no one yet had seemed to be able to do that.  But, when he said, “Don’t make yourself an obstacle,” I thought, well okay then.   

But the fact that we don’t know his name, I think may be important to the big reveal.

Before the episode, earlier this week, Shonda alluded to there being a “twist on who the mole is,” and that it’s not just who the mole is, but who the mole is working with and the even bigger story that’s driving it all.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this guy, the mystery man played by Morton, may have a link to Harrison.  He set Ballard on the job to come between the President and Olivia.  He also set up Osborne to look like the mole and had him killed.  He has information that he can hold over Cyrus’ head.  We still know nothing about Harrison’s past and his link to Olivia seems to be hinting at something more personal.  

What do you think?

The tirade Cyrus let loose on James was almost shameful.  But we shouldn’t have expected anything less from him.  Although, frankly, James shouldn’t have expected anything else from him. I was actually quite shocked James didn’t realize he was a pawn in the game.  I thought he was just taking advantage.  But the truth hurts, and I understood his tears. 

Cyrus is right though; this is not the job for him.  I have a feeling that we are going to see a new James next season.

Finally, it’s funny how the Mellie and Fitz drama wasn’t the real point of interest this episode.  I was loving Mellie’s maliciousness after last week’s episode; even if it was to lure Fitz back.  The self doubt on her face when she received the handwritten speech, took the wind out of her sails and I had to go back to saying, as I always say: “Oh, Mellie!” 

I’m anxiously waiting for her to finally get to the point when she just doesn’t care anymore.  Malicious Mellie is so much more interesting.

And by the way, Fitz is running for a second term.  A man’s ego is such a fragile thing.  Olivia was so right when she said that if he didn’t run for re-election eventually, he would blame her, because we all know that he would. Especially if things somehow go sour for both of them and their relationship.

Season finale next week!  I hope you didn’t blink during the preview! As Shonda teased about the finale:

We’re going to leave everybody over the summer, I hope, with their mouths hanging open a little bit, asking how the hell they’re going to get out of this, which is our goal. We know how we’re ending the season and now we’re trying to figure out how we’re getting out of it (laughs). We end the season in a way that explodes the premise of the show in a way that’s good and strong and hopefully sticks with bold story telling.

I’m looking forward to it!

And then it’ll be a long summer of “Scandal” withdrawal for the Gladiators. 

See you next week!