Saks Fifth Avenue has apologized to Washington Wizards general manager Will Dawkins after wrongly accusing him of stealing clothes from its Miami store in November. Larry Bruce, president of Saks Fifth Avenue, issued the apology in a letter addressed to Dawkins. Bruce, who also posted the letter to LinkedIn, said the security guard at the Miami store broke protocol when he approached Dawkins without identifying himself, then falsely accused him of shoplifting and wrongfully detained him with help from police. The guard is no longer with the company, Bruce added.

“There was a violation of our policies that never should have happened. It is an important reminder to our entire organization that we must continually work to ensure that every guest that comes through our doors is welcomed and treated with respect,” Bruce’s LinkedIn post read, Andscape reported. “As part of this, we are pleased to be making donations to three worthy organizations that are dedicated to making a positive impact on causes that are important to Mr. Dawkins.”

The charities Bruce refers to in his letter are the Greater Washington Urban League, Roca in Springfield, Massachusetts, and the Miami Coalition to Advance Racial Equity, according to Andscape.

Speaking to Andscape, Dawkins said an unidentified plainclothes security guard and a Miami police officer at Brickell City Centre followed him and accused him of stealing clothing. The first-year NBA general manager also said the pair told him he hid the clothes while exiting the store. Video surveillance later proved that Dawkins was mistaken for another man. After being detained, he was released that night ahead of the Wizards’ match against the Miami Heat.

Dawkins hopes other stores will take valuable lessons from what happened to him.

“My hope is that other stores see this and elect to readjust their policy or personnel and in turn those changes prevent at least one future event like this from happening to someone else,” he said. “Once I was able to reshape my thinking, I realized it was all worth it because this didn’t happen to me, it happened for me.”