A mysterious flyer stopped a Houston couple in their tracks during their morning stroll in Sunnyside Park. The flyer wasn’t announcing a yard sale or a search for a lost dog — it was advertising the “Sale of Negroes.”

Living in a historically Black neighborhood on Houston’s southside, Lante and Nakiba Phillips never thought they would see racism hit their front door. The couple visits Sunnyside Park almost daily.

“We come and do like four laps around the park,” Lante told KPRC 2 Houston.

In disbelief, he explained, “I looked over at this tree, and I saw ‘Negroes.'”

The flyer spotted by the couple was boldly headed with the words “GREAT SALE Of NEGROES.” It then went on to specifically advertise “One Buck” and two “Wenches” for sale. An unknown “Gary M. King, Esq.” was the beneficiary or organizer of the sale.

The couple had no idea how the flyer got there or who would put up something so offensive.

“I was floored, actually. I did see that it was dated 1855. Someone definitely did their history,” Nakiba said.

The couple notified a park attendee, and the flyer was quickly taken down. Although the sign was removed, residents of the neighborhood are still concerned.