"No longer doing Roseannes show. *ish* happens Moving on to the next" – @sallirichardson

Salli Richardson-Whitfield tweeted these words last night after having tweeted (not sure if this has become an actual word yet) a couple of days earlier about a table reading for the Roseanne Barr-starrer NBC pilot Downwardly Mobile about trailer park dwellers.

This comes a month after our announcement that Richardson-Whitfield's was slated to star as "Mrs. Denby, the wife of Mr. Denby, played by Greg Comer. Mr. Denby is a charismatic hedge fund guy who recently loses everything due to fraudulent investments. He brings his wife to the trailer park for a new start. Whitfield's character, unhappy with her new life, becomes Barr's foil."

That's unfortunate since we were looking forward to the talented Miss Richardson gracing the screen again. Alas, perhaps this just wasn't her role.

We certainly look forward to what she has in store next!