If you can’t contribute to your own box office, what can you do? Not only do I see it, I actually buy like $2,000 of tickets and give them to the church. So at least I can say the movie made at least $2,000 in the opening weekend.

Words from Samuel L. Jackson speaking to London’s Evening Standard. Interesting idea. Then again, it’s only $2,000, which is probably walking around money for someone like him. Got me thinking if there are actors who regularly buy up even larger amounts of tickets – enough that they could really impact overall box office for a film. I’m naive to these sort of dealings, but aren’t there rumors of this sort of thing happening in the music business? How would that work anyway, if someone were to try to do that? Putting $2,000 on a credit card is easy enough, but $200,000 in movie tickets would be tricky to purchase and distribute without help.