A San Jose police officer has been put on administrative leave pending an investigation after he was caught on camera kicking a woman and dragging her across a parking lot, reports CBS San Francisco.

Video of a July 22 police encounter shows officers using excessive force on a woman in a McDonald’s parking lot.

The woman, who has been identified as Guadalupe Esperanza Marin according to KRON4, is seen being kicked in her side and tackled by the officer, while already on the ground. A second officer can be seen walking around the vehicle toward Marin while pointing a gun at her. The first officer then handcuffs her and drags her across the asphalt, as she is on her knees and facing the floor.

Josh Gil, who recorded the incident, said he saw the woman being compliant and there wasn't reason to use force. 

“He gave her, like, a spartan kick, like an unnecessary spartan kick to the stomach,” Gil told the San Jose Spotlight. “You just see her wind get knocked out right off bat.”