Halloween is upon us, and while many are having to make adjustments to their spooky plans due to the coronavirus pandemic, people are still getting decked out in the best costumes they can come up with. 

Rapper Saweetie, fresh off the chart success of her latest hit “Back To The Streets,” has already been declared the winner of the holiday.

The star unveiled two detail-oriented costumes on Twitter and Instagram, much to the delight of her fans.

Saweetie put together a homage to RuPaul and his show RuPaul's Drag Race.

But on Instagram, she also showed off a three-part costume where she dressed up as all three members of legendary girl group Destiny's Child.

She managed to pull off looking like Beyoncé, Kelly and Michelle.

She even released a video of her playing all three parts in a short video remake of the 2002 hit "Bootylicious."

Her many adoring fans flooded the comments to laud the creativity. 

For many, it was difficult to tell the RuPaul photos apart.

Her fans also adored the Destiny's Child photos.

In case you all needed a reminder as to how colorful the iconic 2002 hit was, take a look below. 

Even Missy Elliot shouted out the "Tap In" rapper. 

But don't throw in the towel yet, folks. There's still two days to get just as icy.