nullIt’s fair to
say that even after the end of apartheid in South Africa twenty years ago, we
are still discovering new things about the county. Closed off from the world
for over a century, South Africa is still revealing its wonders and its rich
vibrant culture

And a new documentary
“Future Sound of Mzansi”, directed by performance artist Spoek Mathambo and
filmmaker Lebogang Rasethaba aims in its way to do just that.

According to
the filmmakers, Mzansi will “explore, express and interrogate South Africa’s
cultural landscape through the vehicle of electronic music and will engage a
potent range of pioneers sculpting the sounds of things to come”.

And that “we
swim in the sounds of deep house, glitch hop, sghubu sapitori, durban qhum,
dubstep and shangaan electro…The groove is thick and infectious and the future
looks blindingly beautiful”.

If that
definitely sounds intriguing to you and you live in the U.K, then you’re luck.
The film will be screening this coming Saturday at the Rio Cinema located at
107 Kingsland High Street in London starting at 11:30PM with a Q and A with Spoek
Mathambo and Nadia Denton after the screening

Ms. Denton,
in fact, has coordinated the South Africa at 20: The Freedom Tour which
consists of five film festivals showcasing South African films, taking place during the past several months in England and Scotland, to celebrate the 20th
anniversary of democracy and freedom in South Africa.

In addition
to Mzansi on March 14th at the Rio Cinema, there will also be
screenings earlier in the day of Lionel Rogosin’s groundbreaking 1959 film “Come
Back Africa” one of the first films to examine with the harsh injustice and brutality
of apartheid to the world and animated children’s film Khuma: A Zebra’s Life.

For more
info about the screening and the South Africa at 20 Freedom Tour go HERE