Sekou Andrews

Innovation Crush is a podcast that profiles leaders of all industries, taking a look at the ways people innovate, grow, market their ideas and more.  The show is hosted by Chris Denson, and allows readers to listen in on the important and in-depth conversations he has with guests. Check out the description for the latest episode, “Sekou Andrews – How to Move Words and Influence People.”

“Having graced the stages and the boardrooms of the likes of TED, Nike, Oprah, Worldz, Time Warner, Hillary Clinton, Cisco, The Chopra Center, Google, and a countless number of others, Sekou Andrews is the poetic voice of the innovation diaspora. An award-winning slam poet, he almost effortlessly uses poetic performance as a means to push some of the world’s greatest thinkers to higher levels of achievement and internal fulfilment. Back again for the first time on Innovation Crush, Sekou is beginning to pass the mic — creating a new course, entitled “Stage Might.” Throughout the chat, he dishes on his work, his life, and how to combine the powers of persuasion and performance on any stage. More info:

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