nullIt recently screened at the Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentaries and Shorts earlier this month – Egyptian director Amir Ramsis’ feature documentary, "Jews of Egypt: End of a Journey," a sequel to last year’s "Jews of Egypt," which captures the lives of the Egyptian Jewish community in the first half of the twentieth century, through the present, in an attempt to understand how Egyptian society turned from a society full of tolerance and acceptance of one another, to one that that rejects others. 

The film focuses on the key events that shaped lives, like Egypt’s 1952 Revolution, which ended the British occupation, and the tripartite attack of 1956, which forced them into exile. The documentary also reminds viewers of the influence of Egyptian Jews in various sectors during the first half of the 20th century, including the industries of music, cinema and retail. 

Ramses has been working on this series of films since 2008, starting with the question of what Egyptian identity is. In this follow-up film, "Jews of Egypt: End of a Journey," the filmmaker continues his investigations into the development of Egyptian identity and society’s journey towards, or away from, tolerance and acceptance of others.

ArtMattan Films picked up and successfully opened the first film, "Jews of Egypt," theatrically earlier this year, after it screened in several prominent film festivals across the world. And it continues to travel.

"Jews of Egypt: End of a Journey" continues the first film’s travels.

A first trailer is embedded below: