Serena Williams is one of the greatest athletes of all time. The tennis star is looking to amp her G.O.A.T. status with her latest venture to bring a professional tennis tournament to the African continent for the first time.

In a recent interview with BBC Sport,  she says that she has a dream of bringing the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) tour to Kenya. 

"It is something I have thought about and I would like to keep thinking about it," she explains. "I'm glad you brought it up because I think it would be amazing. It would be so fun – the help that we could do, and the awareness and the athletes and the amazing players that would come out of Africa would just be unbelievable."

She adds that Kenya is "one of her favorite places." The country is also home to the athlete's foundation. The Serena Williams Fund aims to bring equality through education. Williams has helped build three schools: two in Kenya and one in Jamaica. Having "literally put nails in the school" in Jamaica, Williams says she faced more of a political challenge in Kenya.

"We had to fight really hard for equal education rights," she said. "We ended up on 60 percent-40 percent either way because usually, they send only boys to school in this area. And we were really excited with that because usually if there's 10 kids, there would be like nine boys to one girl."

If anyone can get it done, it's Serena Williams. In fact, the 23-time Grand Slam singles winner is returning to the WTA Tour only six months after she "almost died" giving birth. The 36-year-old suffered a pulmonary embolism after her daughter was delivered by caesarean section.

Good luck, Serena!