Few days on Twitter have matched the hilarity of Sunday when the collective Black diaspora came together to make an endless amount of jokes about a photo shared by British singer Adele

In honor of Notting Hill Carnival, Adele took to Instagram to show off her Bantu knots and Jamaican flag bathing suit, sending the internet into full roasting mode.

The fun photo truly brought out the best of Twitter, which spent most of Sunday making as many Jamaican-Adele jokes as humanly possible.

Here are some of the ones that had us rolling:

Some of the best jokes reinterpreted her lengthy music catalogue with Jamaican stylings. 

Playing off her age-related album titles, people mused about potential titles for Adele's next album in light of the photo.

One of the funniest things a Twitter user did was take Adele's soulful songs and put them as the background music for classic reggae hits.

Someone even set a video of people daggering to one of Adele's hits. 

The jokes were endless and took a variety of forms that had most of us crying all Sunday. 

As with most things online, the moment ignited thinkpieces about appropriation.

But Jamaicans and Black British people overwhelmingly loved the photo and thousands of people showed out online to thank Adele for participating in their culture. Many online questioned why Black Americans would be offended by something that was not their culture and did not offend others.

"I’m Jamaican and we f–king love when other people celebrate us! Matter of fact our motto is OUT OF MANY, ONE PEOPLE!!! so there is no this is mine or this is yours, this is OURS!!! Jamaica is full of mixed races and cultures and we love and appreciate them all!!! Adel you slayed this f–king look and now you’re Jamaican we are claiming you," Billboard quoted one Twitter user writing. 

Like many other people, Adele was lamenting the coronavirus-related cancelation of Notting Hill Carnival, a traditional West Indian festival celebrating the music, food and good times had by Jamaicans and other Caribbean cultures. 

CNN noted that Notting Hill Carnival has been a staple event in London since it started in 1966 but was being done virtually this year due to the pandemic.