Activist Shaun King has received quite a few nicknames after getting into a war of words with MSNBC host Rachel Maddow Tuesday night.

The entire fracas started when King misquoted Maddow in a tweet, setting off a fierce debate where he refused to back down even after being told he was wrong, Mediaite reports. 

Some people on Twitter were quick to point out that King had his facts jacked up. While covering the Super Tuesday election results across the country, Maddow told a panel that sources were reporting that Bloomberg's campaign aides and some Democratic Party officials were pushing him to drop out after a disastrous performance in a number of states.

“The Bloomberg campaign is experiencing intense pressure from multiple sources from inside of the Democratic Party that he needs to quit,” she said on air.

The news anchor was misquoted by King, saying party officials were "interfering with the primaries to stop Bernie Sanders." Maddow declined ever saying that the party asked Bloomberg to drop out so that former Vice President Joe Biden could beat Sanders.

Despite Maddow making the comments on air, King refused to back down even as dozens of Twitter users told him that he was misquoting the news anchor.

Eventually, Maddow herself stepped in.

Underneath Maddow's tweet, King continued to go at her, declaring that he hadn't misquoted her. He refused to give up on the debate and doubled down despite video evidence of her comments.

The situation brought out many of King's detractors, who for years have said he peddles falsehoods and uses his social justice platform to raise money for his own personal efforts.

Twitter users took the opportunity to hand down hilariously crafted nicknames referencing prominent Black leaders and celebrities, mocking King's political and social activism. 

Even King himself noted the jokes being made at his expense.

At the beginning of the week, the activist was confronted once more by a former campaign staffer for Beto O'Rourke. King claimed that he was being contacted by several of O'Rourke's staffers sharing their disappointment in his decision to endorse presidential candidate Joe Biden. 

In King's defense, a Twitter user replied with screenshots of people claiming to have worked on O'Rourke's campaign and being upset with his endorsement. 

Regardless of King's rights and wrongs, he doesn't appear to shy away from a little controversy and sharing his definition of the truth.