A package of Shaw Brothers martial arts films have been licensed to Sony Pictures’ 24-hour digital action pay-TV channel in Africa, Sony Max, which was launched in February, earlier this year.

These remastered films will be available to the channel’s 3.3 million subscribers in 48 countries in Africa, said to be the very first time that Shaw Brothers titles have been licensed to any pay-TV stations in all of Africa, though I’m sure this won’t be the first time Shaw Brothers films have become available on the continent.

Included in the package are classics like The 36th Chamber Of Shaolin, Shaolin Temple and Vengeance.

“We are thrilled that our Shaw Brothers films can now be seen in the continent of Africa as well… Sony Max’s action focus, programming expertise and marketing power makes them the ideal partner to debut these films for African audiences,” said Celestial Pictures director of distribution Gigi Ko. They apparently own the rights to the films.

Any Shaw Brothers fans out there?