Megan Thee Stallion made her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut during She-Hulk episode 3 and star Tatiana Maslany, along with head writer Jessica Gao, told us about how it all came together.

The rapper appears in a dual role as a shape-shifting Asgardian elf who defrauded Jen/She-Hulk (Maslany)’s colleague Dennis Bukowski (Drew Matthews) by shifting into Megan The Stallion. Aside from the Megan form of this shape-shifting elf Auna, Megan also appears as herself, in-universe, attending the court case. So yes, cringy Dennis believed he was dating Megan The Stallion. After the case concludes during the post-credits scene the real Megan thanks She-Hulk for assisting her before they break out and twerk to the rapper’s hit single, “Body.”

Gao says the opportunity to include Megan came about as She-Hulk star Jameela Jamil is close friends with her. Megan was a judge with Jamil on the first two seasons of Legendary.

“It was just such a dream come true for so many of us, but especially for Tatiana, because she is such a huge Megan fan,” Gao told Shadow and Act. When we wrote the episode, we knew that we needed to have a very famous, successful and beautiful female celebrity. But we weren’t sure [if they should be] should it be an actor or a musician– like they could all work, [but] it would just be kind of a different vibe for the story. We went through a lot of possibilities, but Jamila was the one who actually brought up Megan When she brought it up, I mean, we just all collectively lost our minds. And we were like, ‘Don’t say it if it’s not true…don’t tease us….with our hearts cannot handle this.’ Then we heard that Megan actually loves superhero movies and [thought that this] would be really fun. We all came together very, very quickly based on her availability and we just couldn’t believe it. And she was so game to play.”

She added that Maslany is also a good dancer and is constantly dancing between takes and in between camera setups, which is how we got She-Hulk twerking with Megan at the end.

Maslany told us, “I’ve been such a fan of Megan. I’ve seen her in concert so many times and I’ve like watched all of her videos. I think she’s just so I think she’s so funny and she’s so smart. love her. I love her music. So to get to do this and– like I was shaking [laughs]. I was so nervous. And then you know, ‘Body’ starts playing and I’m like, ‘OK, I’m in a music video…like dancing with my idol. Like it was just a dream.”

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