Simone Biles is not here for the foolishness, okay. So make sure when you come for her, you come correct or don't come at all.

Simone posted a picture of herself relaxing at the beach Saturday, and just like internet trolls do, someone tried to talk down to her.

resting beach face ????

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“Seems like you have partied nonstop for a year #Trash #unfollow #suckyassrolemodel,” the user commented.

The comment has now been deleted, but not before Simone took a screenshot.

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Biles took to her Twitter page to air out her frustrations.

“Talk to me when you train for 14 years and earn 5 Olympic medals,” Biles said. “I think kids would say otherwise. My year off is well deserved. Take a couple seats.”

The 20-year-old took home four gold medals and one bronze in the 2016 Rio Olympics. That's not even mentioning the number of world championship medals she’s accumulated over the years. So if she wants to relax in the sun, I'd say she has every right.

Of course, when Twitter saw her telling it like it was, they reacted with enthusiasm.

Let this be a lesson, don't come for a national treasure on the internet and think you're gonna get away with it. Simone, we got your back. Treat yo'self!

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