Simone Biles placed the third-best score at the Chicagoland warmup on Saturday. Biles returned to the Olympic competition to compete in the final of the balance beam event.

The 26-year-old’s floor exercise score was higher than other competitors. Biles soared to the top three after taking a much-needed two-year resting break following the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Her decision to take a career pause followed after a case of ‘the twisties,’ which is tennis slang for having a mental block on the court, The Associated Press reported.

After finding her place on the floor and greeting judges, Biles performed her number in front of thousands of supportive fans holding up signs and cheering her on. She wore a black and white sparkly leotard with a hair ribbon to match. Additionally, she wore an “Owens” necklace in tribute to her husband but later took it off to perform.

According to NBC, Biles’ all-around score of 59.100 was the best of the night, which came as a surprise due to her training for less than five months. Her score of 14.000 was the third best of the competition and a reminder of the greatness she possesses.