If you’ve been keeping up with the Olympics, you’re  familiar with the voice of sportscaster Bob Costas. In NBC’s primetime coverage of the games, he gives recaps and sits down one-on-one with the US athletes.

Rio has seen Costas make a number of statements that have had us looking like.

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He compared Usain Bolt to Bob Marley, and said that Bolt was more popular in Jamaica than Marley.

Some also thought he didn’t handle his first interview with the Final Five well.

He legitimately asked them this question.

But Costas raised people’s eyebrows the most in the awkward interview he did with Simone Biles and Aly Raisman after they won gold & silver in the floor exercise competition.

We know that NBC arranged for actor Zac Efron to come meet with the team, but the interview focused too much on that and more silly stuff as opposed to the ladies’ athletic abilities. This isn’t to say the interview couldn’t have been or couldn’t have had silly moments, because as fans we want to know them better, but still.

Costas even made a comment to Biles that she wasn’t “well-known to Americans” before the Olympics and she gave us the perfect reaction.

And rightfully so.

So they essentially took over the interview, and made it great again.

Yes, Simone, this is how we’ve been feeling about some of this Olympic commentary. Effective side eye.

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