Simone Biles has opened up about her mental health journey, returning to gymnastics and how her wedding “topped” her gold medal win at the Olympics. The 26-year-old gymnast revealed in an interview with Vanity Fair that her wedding to NFL player Jonathan Owens in April 2023 was unforgettable from beginning to end.

The experience was even more memorable than her first Olympics in 2016, when she won four gold medals, including the individual all-around and the team title. 

“I’ve never had so much fun in my life,” Biles said of their wedding. “I was 19 when I won my first Olympics, and I was like, How am I supposed to top this? My wedding topped it. It was the greatest feeling ever.”

In listing her admiration for her husband, Biles described what drew her to him.

“If I’m going to be honest, obviously, he’s very fine,” Biles said of her initial attraction to Owens. “[But] besides his looks, he was so sweet and kind, and I think what I liked about him was his confidence. He truly believes he’s the best at everything,” she said.

Before getting married, Biles had not considered dating apps like Raya, where the two had first connected in 2020.

“I had just broken up [with someone], and my friend was like, ‘Get on Raya, get on Raya,'” Biles told Vanity Fair. “My guard went straight up when she said dating site.”

In the first week of using the app, she paired with Owens.

“The second week, I met him in person, and the rest is history. We were hooked,” Biles said.

Owens has drawn criticism from his fans for saying he didn’t know her before meeting her on a dating app. The football player made similar remarks when he and Biles spoke on The Pivot Podcast last month. He hinted that since “the man” is often “the catch,” he was “the catch” in their relationship.

“She doesn’t like to admit it, but she messaged me first,” Owens told Vanity Fair. “A lot of people don’t believe me when I say I had no clue.”

Owens joined the Green Bay Packers NFL team following the wedding. Biles admitted that juggling careers and relationships can be challenging, and she wishes to spend more time with her husband despite the distance.

“I cried a lot,” Biles said. “We’re both so busy, so it’s not like I’m sitting [around] waiting for him to come home, but it’s just hard.”