nullSistah Sinema – an online streaming platform originally launched in 2013 by Isis Asare, with a library of queer women of color films – has teamed up with IndieFlix (the curated online exhibitor of indie films from all over the world) in a partnership that is said to be part of a larger effort to showcase cinema that highlights global diversity.

Launching this month, the initiative will start with a highlight of films that include the early works of Cheryl Dunye ("Watermelon Woman" and others), as well as Kortney Ryan Ziegler’s "Still Black: A Portrait of Black Transmen," Robert Philipson’s "T’Ain’t Nobody’s Bizness: Queer Blues Divas of the 1920s," and more.

The Sistah Sinema collection on IndieFlix is available right now, to IndieFlix customers around the country. 

"There is still a long way to go in building a collection that represents all the great films telling the stories of queer women of color, but this is a great re-start," says Asare, who plans to grow the Sistahs Sinema collection, focusing specifically on festival-played indie films that go without theatrical distribution deals, or had limited availability on Netflix. She hopes to add 5 or more titles each month to the collection.

To become a member of IndieFlix, click here (cost is $5). You’ll not only have access to the growing Sistah Sinema collection, but also thousands of other independent films in the platform’s library.

Viewers of the will be introduced to independent titles that they may not have heard of before. The partnership with IndieFlix allows Sistah Sinema 

Courtesy of ElixHer.