A long list ahead… This year's Slamdance Film Festival short film competition slate features 32 live action shorts, 10 documentary shorts, and 19 animated shorts – for a total of 61 short films!

A jury will present awards to short films in competition in the following categories: Narrative, Animation, and Documentary. Competition shorts are also eligible for the Spirit of Slamdance Award.

The full list follows via press release from Slamdance, below:



LOS ANGELES – December 12, 2012 – Slamdance today announced their Shorts Programs for the 19th Annual Slamdance Film Festival, as well as the launch of Beyond, a brand new section. Beyond showcases bold and daring films from emerging Narrative and Documentary filmmakers, working just beyond their first features. These films include American and International productions that are either World or US Premieres, including the World Premiere of Cullen Hoback’s Terms and Conditions May Apply, featuring Margaret Atwood and Mark Zuckerberg among others. The 2013 Shorts Programs feature 67 shorts, and includes Live Action Competition, Documentary Competition, Animation, and Anarchy Shorts.

The 2013 Slamdance Film Festival will take place January 18 – 24, 2013 in Park City, Utah, at the Treasure Mountain Inn: 255 Main Street, Park City, UT 84060.

“Our focus is to keep innovation in filmmaking forefront by highlighting films expanding the vista of independent film,” stated Peter Baxter, Slamdance President and Co-Founder.

All Access, Industry, Locals, and Student Festival Passes are available now online, and individual tickets will be available shortly. To purchase, go to:

This year's Slamdance short film competition slate features 32 live action shorts and 10 documentary shorts programmed both in blocks and in front of features, and 19 animated films programmed in a signature animation block. A jury will present awards to short films in competition in the following categories: Narrative, Animation, and Documentary. Competition shorts are also eligible for the Spirit of Slamdance Award.


Diamond on Vinyl

Director and Screenwriter: 

J.R. Hughto

(USA) World Premiere

A very singular voyeur finds his engagement in jeopardy after his fiancee discovers his audio recordings of their lovemaking, along with a taped rehearsal of his proposal. Then into both of their lives comes an enigmatic young woman who begins an incredibly strange seduction.

Cast: Brian McGuire, Sonja Kinski, Nina Millin, Jeff Doucette, Jessica Golden, Kiff VandenHeuvel, Katherine Pawlak


Director and Screenwriter: 

Adrian Sitaru

(Romania) US Premiere

A bittersweet comedy about people who eat the animals they love and animals that love people unconditionally.

Cast: Adrian Titieni, Gheorghe Ifrim, Sergiu Costache, Ioana Flora, Clara Voda, Dan Hurduc, Ariadna Titieni


Director and Screenwriter: 

Gami Orbegoso

(Spain) World Premiere

In the rural eastern Pyrenees province of Spain, a wealthy older woman manipulates the sexual/emotional entanglements of her deceased husband's adult daughter; the tension builds to a climax of terror and violence.

Cast: Meritxell Ortega, Merçe Espelleta, German Parreño, Joan Manel Chilet

Terms and Conditions May Apply

Director and Screenwriter: 

Cullen Hoback

(USA) World Premiere

A shocking exposé of the basic civil rights we surrender when we agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies connected to every website we visit, phone call we make, or app we use.

Cast: Margaret Atwood, Danah Boyd, Orson Scott Card, Ray Kurzweil, Doug Rushkoff, Moby, Sherry Turkle, Mark Zuckerberg



Director and Screenwriter:

Puk Grasten

(USA) World Premiere

In March 1964, two bystanders silently watch their neighbor's murder. They aren't the only ones. 

Cast: Lynn Cohen, George S. Irving, Heather Lind, Korey Jackson 

A Time in A Dark Cloud

Director and Screenwriter:

Rebecca Sgan-Cohen

(USA) World Premiere

A young woman desires intimacy, despite pervasive internal conflict. 

Cast: Emilie Sabath, Alex Thomas, James Levanas, Travis Young, Christopher Gordon, Lauren White, Joseph Pedi, Harold Hyde

All You Can Eat

Directors: Samy Burch, Alex Mechanik

Screenwriters: Samy Burch, Alex Mechanik


A food television host tours a hamburger joint and wonders how his life got so crappy. 

Cast: Matt Warzel, Donna Stamm, Jamie Warzel, Gray Hawks, Marty Siu

Baby Blues

Director and Screenwriter:

Pascal Plante

(Canada) International Premiere

In order to meet the man she loves, Mel leaves her two young children alone in the apartment. 

Cast: Chloé Bourgeois, Jessy Gagnon, Félix Brière, Marc Beaupré, Martin Rouette, Dji Haché


Director and Screenwriter:

Ian Samuels


An aging fisherman develops an intimate relationship with a lobster.

Cast: George Murdock

Donald Cried

Director and Screenwriter:

Kris Avedisian


Returning to his hometown to retrieve his grandmother’s ashes, Peter must rely on his only local contact, estranged buddy Donald.

Cast: Jesse Wakeman, Kris Avedisian, Ron Barron, Nick Riess, Jeremy Furtado, Bridget Grenier


Director and Screenwriter:

Laura Dawe

(Canada) International Premiere

A surreal love story about a 19-year-old girl and her oppressively misguided boyfriend.

Cast: Jenessa Grant, Vladimir Cubrt, Patrick Stevenson 


Director: Victor Hugo Duran

Screenwriter:Kevin James McMullin


During the Fourth of July in South Los Angeles, a teenage boy and his brother scour the neighborhood for fireworks in order to win the admiration of a girl.

Cast: Roger Cruz, Alberto Castañeda, Irene Sorto, Azucena Benitez, Edgar Vanegas, Julio Duran

For Dorian

Director and Screenwriter:

Rodrigo Barriuso

Canada (US Premiere)

A father struggles with the maturation and sexual awakening of his son, a teenager living with Down syndrome. 

Cast: Ron Lea, Dylan Harman, Tova Smith, Victor Pereira, Jerald Bezener


Director and Screenwriter: 

Georgia Fu

(USA/Taiwan) World Premiere

What happens when two suicidal people meet and fall in love?

Cast: Grace Chen 陳柏蓁, Kris Ko 柯昶宇

Glory Days

Director and Screenwriter:

Benjamin Rutkowski


On New Years Eve, Jack, a recovering alcoholic, takes his two children on a road trip to the country.

Cast: Mike Lubik, Joseph Covino, Paige Smith, Cory Nichols, Vanessa Hollingshead, Janette Martinez, Maren Uecker, Joe Lenihan

Hearts of Napalm

Director and Screenwriter:

Andy Irvine

(USA) World Premiere

There are 6.8 billion orgasms every night. Ashley is just looking for one.

Cast: Ashley Spillers, Alex Dobrenko


Directors: Si & AD

Screenwriters: Si & AD

(UK) International Premiere

An 11-year-old boy, unable to fly his kite alone, befriends a peculiar girl who cannot leave her caravan. 

Cast: Alfie Righelato, Katie Miller

Josephine and the Roach

Director: Jonathan Langager

Screenwriters: Jonathan Langager, Joe Swanson


A violin-playing cockroach falls in love with the woman whose apartment he infests.

Cast: Jenna Augen, Jerry White Jr., Circus Szalewski, Jeremy Gladen, Olivia Choate, Josh Helmuth, Emelie O'Hara, *Roach by Lino Stavole

Keep the Fire

Director and Screenwriter: 

Jake Rice


A behind-the-album-cover story of Kenny Loggins' classic Keep The Fire.

Cast: Jake Rice, James Zimmerman, Tiffany Elle, Shaun Paul Gordon, Marco Ragozzino, David Slaughter, Joe Toppe and Bernie Gomez

Lu'bba (Game)

Director: Saleh Nass

Screenwriters: Saleh Nass, Laila Al-Beiti

(Bahrain/UAE) US Premiere

A school boy is dropped off for yet another weekend football game and faces a recurring reality of life.

Cast: Omar Mahboob, Mohammed Al-Beiti, Shiva Yogeswaren, Abu Baker Kahtan, Abdullah Shafiq, Haider Islam, Youssof Ahmed, Mahmood


Director and Screenwriter: 

Tom Geraedts

(UK/Netherlands) US Premiere

A young woman experiences an out-of-body trip that transcends everything she has thought or done before.

Cast: Sabrina Kaici 

Pearl was Here

Director and Screenwriter: 

Kate Marks

(USA) World Premiere

A troublemaking child finds comfort in a sea of stuffed animals.

Cast: Miana Abramson, Sharon Eisman, Cara Danielle Brown, Brady Allen, Sharon King, Mike McGill, Rachael Caselli, Chris Magorian


Director and Screenwriter:

Tannaz Hazemi

(USA) World Premiere

A blind man on dialysis plays a drinking game alone.

Cast: Elijah Hobbes, Dr. Amir Shahid

Resurrection Slope

Director and Screenwriter:

Tamara Feldman

(USA) World Premiere

An adolescent boy performs a holy ritual to come to terms with his neglectful upbringing.

Cast: Elliot Moore, Tamara Feldman, John Hawkes, David Yow, Paula Casmaer, Vanessa Campbell, Allie Paul, Nikki McCauley, Maurice Harris


Directors: Jan Roosens, Raf Roosens

Screenwriters: Bert Van Dael, Sanne Nuyens

(Belgium) US Premiere

When an outcast's mortally ill mother throws a birthday party for him, he needs to find friends to invite.

Cast: Enrique De Roeck, Marthe Schneider, Sara De Bosschere

Seed Story

Director and Screenwriter:

William D. Caballero

(USA) World Premiere

The worst aspects of humanity are evoked as a single dandelion brings big change to a tiny society.


Director and Screenwriter: 

Jed Cowley

(USA) World Premiere

A shale pit owner and his once dutiful wife confront each other after months of separation.

Cast: Walter Dalton, Sandra Seacat, Danforth Comins


Director and Screenwriter: 

Annie Silverstein


While a boy waits out his father’s tryst, he is unexpectedly forced to deal with the lady-friend’s daughter.

Cast: Varun Reddy, Elise Gardner, Conrad Gonzales, Amy Esacove

Start the Engine and Reverse

Director: Andrey Zagidullin

Screenwriter: Mikhail Arkhipov

(Russia) US Premiere

A young couple faces the consequences of a road accident.

Cast: Lubov Novikova, Egor Kharlamov

Summer Suit

Director: Rebecca Peniston-Bird

Screenwriter: Francesca Sciacca

(Australia) International Premiere

10-year-old tomboy Robbie's discovery of an old suit gives her a new sense of identity, but can it survive the trials of summer? 

Cast: Damian Walshe-Howling, Diana Glenn, Lucy Tyler, Bethany Whitmore, Jesse Creighton, Zac Soderstrom


Director and Screenwriter: 

Damian Walshe-Howling

(Australia) US Premiere

Mother Nature provides a magical alternative to stark realities for 7-year-old Caleb, leading to impossible fulfillment.

Cast: Finn McLeod Ireland, Ewen Leslie, Leeanna Walsman, Damon Gameau, Clare Bowen


Director and Screenwriter: 

Eva Riley

(UK) US Premiere

Lou’s frustrations with her controlling sister Ashley come to a head when they become rivals in love.

Cast: Jo Eastwood, Nicola Jo Cully, Iain Louden, Anthony Bowers

The Devil's Ballroom

Director and Screenwriter: 

Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken


Along his strenuous journey to the North Pole, a chance encounter forces a fearless explorer to make an impossible decision.

Cast: Svein Harry Schöttker Hauge, Batzorig Chinbayar, Narmandakh Erdenee, Melinda Bokeli, Marte Tangen

The Robber

Director and Screenwriter: 

Felix Schaffert

(Switzerland) US Premiere

An 11-year old girl is in turmoil and struggles for words.

Cast: Ella Huesler, Ursina N. Früh, Simon Grossenbacher

To the Bone

Director: Erin Li

Screenwriters: Silka Luisa, Erin Li

(USA) World Premiere

A pre-teen migrant farmworker attempts to rebel against the status quo with unintended consequences for herself and her family.

Cast: Naomie Feliu, Jaime Alvarez, Carlos C. Torres, Maria Elena Laas, Eliezer Ortiz


Director and Screenwriter:

Ian Wittenber

(USA) World Premiere

Sam and Jen have a unique dilemma in their relationship that pulls them closer together even as their time runs out.

Cast: David Crane, Jennifer Marks



Director: Alan Spearman

(USA) World Premiere

Faith, 9, created a haven in a hollow magnolia tree. Inside is a portal to the safety of her imagination.

Cast: Faith Jackson, Hattie Mae Winfield

Chicken & Zoe

Director: Yael Bridge


Eating chicken takes on new meaning for 4-year old Zoe as she observes her first slaughter.

Good Karma $1

Directors:Jason Berger, Amy Laslett


Advertising guru Alex Bogusky explores the most fundamental, ever-present form of advertising – cardboard signs created by the homeless.

Cast: Alex Bogusky and Dave Schiff


Director: Todd Looby

(Liberia/USA) World Premiere

Edwin G. Kollie, a 15 year old Liberian War Orphan, always wanted to make a Nollywood movie; so, he wrote a script, built an entire African village, cast the 30 characters needed and shot it all the next day.

Cast: Edwin G. Kollie, Mulbah J. Kollie, Jerome C. Cabeen, David Barkollah, Aaron JayJay

Rebel, Rebel, Rebel

Director: Kyle Schneider

(USA) International Premiere

Despite peer rejection and total incompetence, DJ Josh Lecash’s fame and fortune expands.

Cast: Josh Lecash, Katy Perry, Bobcat Goldthwait, Jeremy Scott, Jamie Clayton, Daniel Linton, Yung Skeeter, Annette Lamothe-ramos

Sandwich Nazi

Director: Lewis Bennett


Deli owner Salam Kahil is an art collector, a former male escort, an amateur piano player, and a sandwich maker to the homeless in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside but his true passion is talking about blowjobs.

The Birdman

Director: Jessie Auritt 


Despite the bad economy, online music sales, and gentrification, The Birdman rules the roost at his unique cluttered used music store.

The Corner Garden

Director: Duygu Eruçman

(USA) World Premiere

Can kale chips replace Cheetos? In this small garden, a group of teenagers learn to think about the food they eat in a different way.

The Mercantile

Director: Brian Bolster

(USA) World Premiere

A glimpse into a young couple’s proprietorship and preservation of an unchanged, century old business enterprise in a modern and ever-changing world.

Cast: Flannery Coats, Stuart Reiswig

Track by Track

Track by Track

Director: Anna Moot-Levin

(USA) World Premiere

A young sketch artist with autism journeys from the world of his imagination into adulthood.


Desert Hopes

Director and Screenwriter: 

Michael Patten

(USA) World Premiere

On New Year’s Eve, an aging man tends to a litter of newborn rabbits.

Cast: Victor Pagan


Director: Benjamin McPherson

Screenwriters: Benjamin McPherson, Justin Taylor

(USA) World Premiere

Deep in the abandoned corridors of a sprawling subway system, a disheveled and broken man struggles to obtain the thing he desires most.

Cast: Phil Ristaino, Butch Escobar, Zofie Alvarez, Arie Bender, Shawna Nygren, Ed Jackson, Janet Robinson


Director: Joey Shanks

(USA) World Premiere

A journey through time & space tells of the fight for existence using exclusively 'in-camera' effects.

Shepherds, Have You Seen My Love?

Director and Screenwriter: 

Benji Kast

(USA) World Premiere

A man is transported into the memories of an 18th century aristocrat.

Cast: Ara Shehigian, Roxanne Kapitsa, Don Arrup, Josh Westfal, Keiichi Kondoh

The Compositor

Director: John Mattiuzzi

Screenwriter: John Mattiuzzi, Anney Bonney

(USA) World Premiere

Paul Paxton, a New York City film compositor, struggles to decode his mind-body existence.

Cast: John Mattiuzzi, Len Rella, Thomas Hoyt Godfrey, Rashelle Stocker, Linda Leven, Ana Berry, Marusya Panchenko, Bill Cory

The War Profiteers 

Director and Screenwriter: 

Benjamin Markus

(USA) World Premiere

An instantaneous act of violence immediately restores peace to a war-torn city. 

Cast: Devin Anderson Wiley, Erik Lehman, Pascal Miller, Alexander Jordonov


An Elegy for Eden

Director: Jason Guy McLagan

(USA) World Premiere

A pixel's perspective at the moment of its death.


Director:Einar Baldvin

(USA) US Premiere

By all accounts, it was a bad day to punch a clown in the head.


Director: Kyle Mowat


Lifeforms struggle to assert and organize themselves within a hostile environment. 


Director and Screenwriter: 

Calvin Frederick

(USA) US Premiere

A hyper-psychedelic tour of a homemade, four-wall kaleidoscope.


Director and Screenwriter: 

Ethan Clarke


Three strangers acquaint on a train.

Cast: Gina Napolitan, Flaminia Bonfiglio, Ethan Clarke

El Delirio Del Pez Leon

Director and Screenwriter: 

Quique Rivera

(Puerto Rico/USA)

Inspired by the Lionfish plague, this underwater neo-noir tells a story about greed and hierarchy in the Caribbean reefs.


Director and Screenwriter: 

Noam Sussman


The consequences of swallowing gum.


Director and Screenwriter: 

Luiz Stockler

(UK/Brazil) US Premiere

A look at the idea of belonging and what that may or may not mean to people.

I Am Tom Moody

Director and Screenwriter: Ainslie Henderson


A trip through the subconscious of a stifled musician as he struggles to sing.

Cast: Mackenzie Crook, Jude Crook

Noodle Fish

Director and Screenwriter: 

Kim Jin man

(Republic of Korea)

Dreaming of another life, a small "noodle fish" begins his journey to the world outside the water to discover the secret of his world.

Royal Issues

Director and Screenwriter: 



To celebrate NOMINT’s brand new office in London, we created a very special Diamond Jubilee gift for Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second.


Director: Carl Burton


A vast secret world is revealed within an attic during a rainstorm.

Snail Trail

Director and Screenwriter: 

Philipp Artus

(Germany) US Premiere

A snail invents the wheel and goes through a cultural evolution to get back to its origins.


Director: Meejin Hong

(USA) US Premiere

As the crayon melts, succumb to temptation.

Tap to Retry

Director and Screenwriter: 

Neta Cohen

(Israel) US Premiere

A surreal collection of disparate abstract sketches and an attempt to tackle some aspects of modern life. 

The Eater

Director: Wally Chung


A man has a strange experience that affects the people around him.

The Jennings Account

Director and Screenwriter: 

Sean Buckelew


10% of men age 40-60 have an age-related midlife crisis.


Director and Screenwriter: 

Grace Nayoon Rhee

(USA) US Premiere

If a stranger disrupts your daily routine, the choice is to either accept him as a friend or reject him as an outsider.

What is Dead May Never Die

Director: François Grumelin-Sohn

(Netherlands) US

The movie explores and plays with various graphic codes and genres of the past audio-visual world.