Following its early 2013 New York City run, Oscilloscope Laboratories has announced that it will open Keith Miller’s quietly absorbing work of cinema verite, Welcome To Pine Hilltheatrically in Los Angeles at the Arena Cinema on June 7th; prior to this, the film will premiere on VOD on June 4th.

Pine Hill follows a recently reformed drug dealer, now working as a claims adjuster by day and bouncer by night, who receives some earth-shattering news, forcing him to make peace with those around him, as well as himself.

It’s a work of film art that received enough votes to appear on the S&A Best of 2012 list, a film that blurs the boundaries between documentary and fiction, presenting an atmospheric depiction of a journey to self-discovery and spiritual redemption, taken by an unlikely cinematic lead character.

In our review of it, we called it, the “un-urban urban film” with a lead character that Hollywood wouldn’t know what to do with.

The narrative was inspired by a chance encounter between director Miller and the film’s star Shannon Harper, who found themselves fighting over a lost dog one night in Brooklyn, NY, has its beginnings in a short film, titled Prince/William, before it was expanded into the feature film we know as Welcome To Pinehill.

Made in collaboration with the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective, a group which writer/director Miller belongs, the film, a 2011 Independent Filmmaker Lab participant, World Premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival last year, where it won the Grand Jury Award.

Check out a trailer for the film below, and underneath, you’ll find the short film, Prince/William, that came before the feature:

Here’s the 8-minute long short film: