As we hit milestones in technology advancement, the employment sector is affected in a myriad of ways. For one, the stigma behind freelancing is softening as it becomes easier and easier to go the "remote" or "teleworking" route. The allure of autonomy is pulling more and more workers to tackle the risk of their passion projects.

One such company is here to help you with that. The brainchild of a plane ride conversation, do it, Inc. is a social networking platform made up of 10 freelancers from different industries with one major goal: change the way big dreamers share, learn and market their skills while putting the "fun" back in freelancing. In addition to being a hub for a wide-range of freelancers, do it, Inc. offers branding, client-sourcing, invoicing via pre-payments to avoid physical fund exchanges. Let's say you're on the hunt for an accountant and a nanny. Well, do it, Inc. is your one-stop shop! 

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Operating as Black-owned tech-company, do it. is headed by Congolese founder Carl Madzimba (27), Jamaican operations manager Antony Mayers, Ghanaian marketing director Baaba Hughes and Ghanaian head of user acquisition Beatrice Jonah.

The Toronto-based company is not only diverse in its sectors but racially/ethnically, too! You see black and brown representation and everything in between and it's great to witness! 

Per its press release, do it "offers help with branding, client-sourcing, invoicing and manages pre-payments so there’s no physical exchange of funds." Their platform is heavily collaborative based, offering a real sense of community. Its database holds 500 prelaunch specialists ranging from 16-75 years old. "The youngest considers himself 'the best TV mounter' and the oldest is a war vet willing to put that era into perspective for students writing papers," noted the press release.

As far as updates, do it, Inc. is currently backed by OCAD U’s Imagination Catalyst Business Incubator!

What a dope concept! For more information, head on over to