Solange is not one to bite her tongue, and early Thursday morning on Twitter, the singer unleashed a brief rant on the perils of the music industry and "indie white guys" who think they know, but really they have no idea

The singer remembered a time when she was laughed at for bringing up Brandy's music.

Quickly reminding folks of the treasure that is B-R-A-N-D-Y.

And then she @'d him to be sure this wasn't a generic subtweet it was for this indie white guy in particular.

We're not sure of the actual turn of events that resulted in this brief gathering, but it's safe to say that someone had the audacity to doubt black music and artists in some capacity. It's that chronic psychoses (aka racism), which those looking from the mainstream perspective only offer critical analysis to white art but a superficial, sociological approach to black art...but then turn around and steal it. Solange pumped the brakes on that train of thought with a history lesson though. 

And then she had to let us all know that there were more important things at hand.

Photo: gifsoup
Photo: gifsoup