Marvel's Black Panther continues to dominate the box office influencing fans to take the messages of the film and apply them in real life. 

An anonymous artist has been projecting the phrase "Wakanda Forever" over major Oakland landmarks in the days following the release of the hit film. For anyone who has seen the Ryan Coogler-directed movie, Oakland plays a crucial role in the movie. Coogler, an Oakland native, used the city to show Wakanda's influence in the world. 

In the film, Wakandan spies were based in Oakland in the 1990s where they relayed information back to King T'Chaka about stolen vibranium. It was revealed that T'Chaka's brother N'Jobu (portrayed by Sterling K. Brown) betrayed Wakanda and teamed up with Ulysses Klaue (portrayed by Andy Serkis) in order to help the black people in the bay area city.

The story from there revolves around N'Jobu's son Erik "Killmonger" Stevens vowing for revenge after his father's death at the hands of T'Chaka. Killmonger then gains entrance into Wakanda and eventually becomes a shortlived king to finish where N'Jobu left off. Now, the present king, T'Challa, faces an abandoned child of Wakanda in a political struggle over pan-African ideas. 

“To quote Terry Pratchett,” the projector-wielder told The San Francisco Chronicle. “‘You need to believe in things that aren’t true. How else can they become?’” The days following the film's release Disney announced plans to donate a million dollars toward STEM programs in the area and other cities around the country. 

Anyone in Oakland last week would see the phrase plastered in light all over landmarks like the Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center, the Paramount Theatre and other places.

The projector artist has yet to reveal their identity but it is still certain that the movie is inspiring a movement.