Seems like damn near every other article on S & A for the past week has been about Quentin Tarantino’s magnum opus hasn’t it? And despite Tambay’s disappointing review of the script (below), it’s the hottest property in Hollywood right now. (WHAT????? You mean Tambay has no clout in Hollywood?)

Anyway, news has come out that Sony Pictures will now co-finance Tarantino’s film, in exchange for the international distribution rights for the film.

The Weinstein Company, who are co-financing the other half, is handling the domestic release.

Though Universal co-financed Inglorious Basterds with the Weinsteins, which was a big success for both companies, they lost out to Sony, despite Universal making a big play for the film last week. According to Deadline Hollywood, at a meeting with Tarantino last week, Universal execs went as far as to present him with “a bag of handmade scalps — a reference to the “100 Nazi scalps” from Inglorious Basterds — to remind Quentin how well the studio did for that movie last time around.

Yeah that should have done the trick.

But alas Sony won out over Universal; a major reason was because of Will Smith’s long-standing relationship with the studio. But I still don’t think he’s going to take the risk and do it. Though stranger things have happened.