Just as they did last year, South Africa’s National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) will once again take a delegation of films and filmmakers to the Cannes International Film Festival, which takes place later this month – from the 15th until the 26th of May. 

The goal here is to demonstrate that South African cinema can compete on the international stage, and show that stories by South African filmmakers can resonate in the international cinema market place.

One of the films that will be presented this year is a crime thriller titled Black South-Easter, starring Tony KgorogeFana MokoenaYu NanDeon LotzThomas Gumede and Zolani Mahola, directed by Carey McKenzie, and produced by Tendeka Matatu. 

Here’s its synopsis:

As the annual “Black South-Easters” blow dark clouds over Table Mountain, bringing storms to Cape Town, the ill winds of corruption blow through the city’s townships. In a murky moral underworld where men are challenged with daily temptations, their survival depends not only on physical courage, but also the courage to stand up for their principals. One honest cop finds his tested by a gangland warlord, Triad smugglers, and a police department that will sell itself to the highest bidder.

It’s been a long road for the project, which was part of the Berlinale Talent Project Market in 2008, before S&A was born.

It’ll screen at the Cannes Market on May 20. 

No trailer yet, but check out a few still images above and below.

The South African delegate will be situated at Village International Riviera while at Cannes, and will offer all South Africans a business environment equipped with meeting rooms, screening facilities and computers.

I love *genre* cinema, especially when centered around stories about people of African descent, so this is one to definitely watch…