The St. Louis couple who was captured in a viral photo this summer aiming guns at Black Lives Matter protesters have filed a lawsuit against the news photographer.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey, married lawyers, filed a suit Friday against United Press International, photographer Bill Greenblatt, and Redbubble, an online platform where people can purchase artwork uploaded by other accounts. According to Insider, the McCloskeys are seeking damages as they say Greenblatt trespassed on their property to snap pictures of the incident. They're requesting the court transfer ownership of the photo to them. The couple have accused UPI, Greenblatt, and Redbubble of profiting off of "t-shirts, masks, and other items, and licensing use of photographs bearing Plaintiffs' likenesses, without obtaining Plaintiffs' consent."

The lawsuit argues that items available on the Redbubble platform include their image in "mocking and pejorative taglines or captions."

Redbubble declined to respond to the suit due to its pending legal litigation. Greenblatt directed any questions to his employer UPI, who also declined to comment. 

According to the ACLU, newspaper photographers are allowed to snap pictures in public areas, but the McCloskeys allege that Greenblatt entered a private area of their neighborhood to capture the photo.

"In the time since the trespassers' entrance onto plaintiffs' private property, plaintiffs have obtained significant national recognition and infamy, and as a result, have suffered damages," the McCloskeys said in the lawsuit.