On a consistent basis, the Black community gives birth to yet another trending slang that consumes our vernacular and defines an era. Some of us are just now getting the hang of using “rizz,” while the internet has seemingly moved on. 

Some slang terms go more viral than others, and “standing on business” has taken a life completely of its own. From TikTok to Instagram, it’s a hard one to escape, but what exactly is the meaning of standing on business? And where did the term come from?

What Does ‘Standing on Business’ Mean?

More recently popularized by rapper Drake and internet comedian Druski, to be “standing on business” is to essentially stand your ground. Whether it’s boundaries within a situationship or acquiring a bag (AKA getting money), there’s no budging on your end. When you’re standing on business, you’re disciplined and firmly rooted in your word, making sure you’re walking your talk.

Some examples of the term being correctly used include, “Rent was due so I had no choice but to stand on business.” “She thought she could take advantage of me, but I was standing on business.” “Everyone thought they’d get back together after he cheated, but she was standing on business.”

It can be applied to anything, from bragging about how your discipline lent to your up-leveling, to being brave enough to speak up at the salon. If you’re standing on business, your word is to be respected.

Where Did ‘Standing on Business’ Come From?

While the phrase has certainly been used for some time within the Black community, it made a viral resurgence in the form of Instagram captions in late 2023. It reached a whole new level in September, when Druski began posting skits about how “bummy” men are usually the ones to say they’re standing on business when they really aren’t, and even previewing a song about the phrase.

Soon after in October, Drake released his album For All The Dogs, in which the single “Daylight” features “standing on business” as a prominent bar. Druski then posted a video about how Drake ripped him off, starting a friendly rivalry between the two. Not long after, “standing on business” became a popular TikTok trend.

Users began making memes about just how much they were standing on business, from showing off their “standing on business” stance to jumping off of high places and perfectly landing in “standing on business” formation.

Are You Standing on Business?

Now that we’ve decoded the roots of the term, it’s time to ask yourself: are you standing on business? Are there ways in which you need to commit harder to your grind, or honor your word more firmly? An invitation for introspection, the Black community may have really done something with this one.