To the surprise of absolutely no one, the MPAA has officially blessed (or cursed, depending on your POV) Steve McQueen’s sex addiction drama, Shame, with an NC-17 rating.

Reasons given? “Some explicit sexual content.” No surprise there either!

But Fox Searchlight, the company distributing the film, isn’t at all concerned; in fact, they’ve embraced the rating, calling for a shift in how its generally perceived.

To wit… Fox Searchlight exec Steve Gilula said:

I think NC-17 is a badge of honor, not a scarlet letter. We believe it is time for the rating to become usable in a serious manner. The sheer talent of the actors and the vision of the filmmaker are extraordinary. It’s not a film that everyone will take easily, but it certainly breaks through the clutter and is distinctive and original. It’s a game changer.

There ya have it!

I should also add that Fox Searchlight plans to push the film during awards season as a contender. Star Michael Fassbender’s performance has been near-universally praised by critics and reviewers, with some expecting him to be among the list of Oscar nominees.

I saw the film earlier this month at the NYFF, and reviewed it afterward, giving it a thumbs up. You can read my thoughts HERE, if you missed it.

Poster and trailer below.