Stranger Things season 4 ended with a bang and sets up a final battle in season 5 which is sure to be one for the ages.

The end of the season saw its big bad, Vecna (aka 001, aka Henry Creel), be revealed to pretty much be the big bad of the entire series and enemy #1, no pun intended.

Vecna/Henry/001’s portrayer Jamie Campbell Bower spoke to Shadow and Act in a recent interview to talk about the characters, their backstory throughout the season, how Vecna now views Eleven and what the actor himself is thinking about for season 5.

Overall, Bower says that he views Vecna and interprets his own portrayal is one that is a result of the things Henry has been through over time.

“I would say it’s more of an evolution,” the actor explained. “I’d say, given his experience, this is who he’s become. At the end of episode 7 of Vol. 1, Eleven has sent him into the upside down and he’s gone through this process of transformation. He’d already had this burning, building resentment, but [also] a desire to be free. [Then at] beginning of Vol. 2, all that’s left is this resentment. All hope is gone for freedom. She’s taken everything away from him. I had to and did see them as the same person, just having gone through a transformation of sorts.”

While at one point Vecna seemed to look at Eleven as someone who could help him, especially given that she literally comes from him. Now, he looks like he may want to kill her as well now that all has been revealed. But does he really?

“I think, given the opportunity, he might consider taking her in,” Bower stated. “I think it would take a minute to process, because he is incredibly angry with her for what she has done to him. She took everything away. But she’s like his sister, child– whatever you want to call it, they are made of the same thing. Is that humanity still in there? I don’t know.”

And as far as the fifth and final season, Bower has an idea of one specific part of Henry that he would love to really dive into.

“I would always be interested in seeing, whether or not it ends up on-camera, the journey from Brenner receiving Henry to the moment he had to suppress him and put his powers out, and then how Henry worked and manipulated himself into being able to survive in that environment,” he said. “That would always be fascinating for me. We touched on [it] but haven’t seen yet. And then moving forward. I don’t know. I’ll leave that to the gods.”

Stranger Things season 4 is now streaming on Netflix.

Watch the full interview below: