Priah Ferguson has been a fan favorite on the hit Netflix series Stranger Things since her first appearance in season 2. Her character runs around the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana with her brother and his friends as they fight off several supernatural monsters. 

Ferguson makes a splash in an ad airing for General Motors during this weekend’s Super Bowl.

The Atlanta native began acting as a child after being inspired by movies including Daddy’s Little Girls and Spike Lee’s Crooklyn. She acted in several locally-produced short films before snagging a role on an episode of the FX series, Atlanta. 

Ferguson now plays Erica Sinclair, the sassy, sarcastic little sister to Lucas Sinclair on Stranger Things. She became a regular character in season 3, stealing the scene every time she appeared.

While Erica has no problem rattling off crafty one-liners and dropping a curse word now and then, Ferguson says that wouldn’t have worked in her real life. 

“I’m not as sassy as Erica, but I think I would have a little fun with her,” she told Blavity in a recent interview. “I don’t remember if I was like that at ten years old. I possibly was. I know I wasn’t as dramatic, but I definitely was a little quick at the mouth. But I definitely didn’t cuss as much as Erica did.” She laughed, stating that “her mom wouldn’t have let her get away with that.”