The Prairie View City Council voted to rename the street where Sandra Bland was arrested to Sandra Bland Parkway in her honor.  The street connects to Prairie View A&M University, the school where Bland attended undergrad and was set to start her new job. The updated name reportedly will take place around the school’s homecoming in early October.

“I am overwhelmed, and I am just truly thankful to the city of Prairie View,” Geneva Reed-Veal, Bland’s mother, said in a press conference after the decision to rename the road.

According to Houston Public Media, dozens of activists marched from the campus to city hall to show their support for the measure.

“When police officers stop any of our students at Prairie View, they’ll always be able to write that name, Sandra Bland, just to remind them, their consciousness, that, ‘Hey, I can’t treat this person bad,’ or do any unlawful things to the students,” said Prairie View graduate Michael Moore, who was among the marchers.

The city council also approved a proposal for a park that will also carry Bland’s name.