Zimbabwean scholar Tinaye Ngorima and his family grew extremely ecstatic after discovering that he got accepted into one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the entire world: Harvard University.

Cleverly enough, Tinaye’s sister Tawana thought to capture the life-altering moment of him taking the initial glance at all his admission letters. Since March 31, the TikTok video has gone viral and has amassed over 21 million views.

@tawanasauruswreck vv proud of tinaye! he’s worked sooo hard for this🥳 also forever grateful and proud of zimbabwean-immigrant parents for taking a chance on us🫶🏾 #ivyday #ivyday2023 #collegedecision #classof2027 ♬ original sound – tawana

After a few letters of rejection from UC Berkeley and Dartmouth, Ngorima was placed on the waitlist for Yale and Princeton. However, the disappointment was very temporary because the biggest blessing came when Ngorima checked his status for Harvard.

He shouted loudly, “Oh My God,” with his sister and parents celebrating in the background. Following this brief moment of cheer, he exclaims: “I got into Harvard.”

After indulging the glory of his Harvard acceptance letter, Ngorima found out that he also got accepted to Brown and UPenn, which meant that he had a huge decision to make.

In a follow-up video call with his sister Tawana, he expressed that he had about a month to reach his ultimate verdict.

There were an abundance of people showing love and congratulating for his tremendous accolade.

The Ngorima family’s moment of happiness comes in the wake of college admission season. Ivy League admissions have formally concluded this season and students from across the country and globally awaited their results to know whether they got accepted into top schools or not.

Many students filmed their pressure-filled moments of looking at their college admissions on TikTok. The viral hashtag #IvyDay2023 gained more than 40 million views on TikTok, which features students from all over America and beyond.